Just as you're hitting your stride - kids increasingly independent, career going where you want it, travel plans or the chance to pursue the dream of a lifetime a real possibility - eldercare issues creep onto your radar screen. Perhaps it's a grandparent or elderly neighbor needing more and more attention. Maybe your parents need your support through transitions caused by illness, disability or relocation. A serious illness of a friend or loved one may be putting a whole new spin on the priorities in your life.

The truth is that we're rarely prepared in advance for the demands of this kind of caring. In addition to the time and distance issues that many of us face, there is the challenge of just figuring out the plan.

What is the impact of this illness or change? What are the needs most likely to be - this week, next month and next year? What resources are available to help, and how are they best managed?

AgeQuest was founded to address these needs with concerned family members and caregivers. Our strength is in helping to make order out of chaos. We're available answer questions and address concerns that are your priorities. We provide our services in a variety of ways, based on your needs, not ours. Our goal is to provide you with meaningful support and peace of mind.

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